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Kansas Dental Board Appointments

Jun 12, 2024

The KDA has been notified that Governor Kelly has made two dentist appointments to the Kansas Dental Board (KDB). The Governor reappointed Dr. Lacey Randa to a second 4-year Board term serving the First Congressional District. Dr. Randa resides in Lawrence but was moved to replace Dr. Mark Herzog in the First because the Kansas Legislature placed Lawrence in the “big” First District when it drew new Legislative and Congressional District lines in 2023. Dr. Herzog was not eligible for reappointment.

Dr. Sean McReynolds (Humboldt) was appointed to a 4-year Board term serving in the Second Congressional District. Dr. McReynolds replaces Dr. Randa in the Second District. KDB members are eligible to serve two consecutive 4-year terms.         

The other members of the Kansas Dental Board are as follows:


Dr. Jill Ellner, President (At Large)

Dr. Rita Burnett, Vice President (Third Congressional District)

Dr. Jonas Lichty (At Large)

Dr. Maya Nunley (Fourth Congressional District)

Rachael Wiebe, RDH

Davette McCoy, RDH

Kevin Waite (Public)