Benefits of Membership

Membership in the KDA represents a powerful commitment on your part to a continued growth as a professional, as an individual, and as a dentist. Now more than ever, professional growth and the growth of the profession are virtually inseparable. Your membership, and the financial support it creates, is critical to the effort taking place on your behalf.

Why Should I Renew?

The KDA has been vigilant in protecting your professional interests in the Kansas Legislature. Your membership gives you a voice in organized dentistry through KDA representatives- your colleagues, your friends. Yet political advocacy is just part of the job.

What Do My Membership Dues Go Toward?

Your dues dollars help support the Kansas Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and your local dental society. Your dues are vitally important in maintaining the effectiveness of organized dentistry as the profession faces challenges in the marketplace, government, and regulatory areas.

Knowledge is Power

Continuing education and information in virtually every area of dentistry become readily available when you support this unique national, state, and local partnership.

Insurance programs, legislative representation, scientific research, practice management and financial planning seminars, and the KDA website are all designed to empower our members.

The dental profession will continue to face significant challenges in the future. Our goal is to meet these challenges head on while improving service and membership.



For membership information, please call 785-272-7369 or email
Melissa Brough, KDA Director of Finance and Membership.

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ADA Membership FAQs

View current membership dues information, along with FAQs regarding renewal, relocation, prorated dues, and more.

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