Created by KDA staff members Kevin Robertson and Jennifer Jones, 140 Years, 140 Stories is a book that celebrates the 140th anniversary of the Kansas Dental Association and features 140 photographs of Kansas dentists and their unique hobbies, locations, practices, and life stories.

Every person who reads these stories will likely learn something new, and perhaps friendships will develop based on similar interests discovered in this book. It is our hope that this project encourages engagement, conversation, and a new connection with others in the profession.

We traveled the state, photographing KDA members at their offices, their homes, and diverse geographic and historic locations in Kansas, each posing with their “number” that corresponds to the page in the book. For some dentists, we focused on the unique sense of place in which they practice and live, as a way to celebrate Kansas.

We attempted to provide a snapshot of KDA member dentists as they existed in 2011. Today, the profession is more diverse than ever before with a growing percentage of female dentists. We also tried to fairly represent the membership of the KDA’s ten geographic component district societies and feature the vast differences in age of our youngest dentists with those who have long since retired.

We hope we will add a new dimension to your knowledge of both Kansas and the dentists of our state through the stories and photographs we proudly bring you in this book.

To order a copy of 140 Years, 140 Stories, please contact Sandra Romero at the KDA office.