KDA Membership

Payment Options

Your membership can be paid by:

  • Check (full payment only);
  • Credit card (full payment or installment options)

Online payments by credit card offer two choices of installment options:

  • 4 equal installments (December 2023, January, February, and March 2024)
  • 12 equal installments (December 2023 - November 2024)

Auto Renew: Automatically renew your KDA membership each year. No more renewal letters, lapsed membership, missed payments, or loss of benefits.

Please note that the PAC billing is two line items – one for KDPAC of $150 and the other for ADPAC for $100. This results in 3 line items for the voluntary items and total $375.

Learn more about installments, auto renew, and voluntary donations with this quick and easy Q&A About Membership Dues.

Become a KDA Member

Membership in the KDA represents a powerful commitment on your part to a continued growth as a professional, an individual, and a dentist.

Now more than ever, professional growth and the growth of the profession are virtually inseparable. Your membership, and the financial support it creates, is critical to the effort taking place on your behalf.

Learn more about the benefits of membership is the KDA.

Membership Application