MATE Act Controlled Substance Education Requirement for DEA Registration FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 

Sec. 1263 of the spending bill Congress passed in December 2022 requires controlled
substance prescribers to complete 8 hours of one-time training on safe controlled substance
prescribing as a condition of receiving or renewing a DEA registration. The statutory language was taken from a separate bill, called the Medication Access and Training Expansion Act (or MATE Act).

  • Does this new federal training requirement affect me?
  • What am I required to do?
  • How will I know my CE hours will satisfy the requirement?
  • Will CE hours completed prior to the law’s passage count toward the new requirement?
  • Will I have to complete the 8 hours of federally required CE on a cyclical basis?
  • How much time do I have to satisfy the new federal CE requirement?
  • Will CE credits that are accepted for state licensure count toward the new federal requirement?
  • Am I required to complete training on controlled substance topics that are outside of my scope of practice?
  • Can my state impose additional CE requirements?
  • Do I have to use a specific CE provider? Will ADA CERP credits count?
  • Does the ADA offer CE on safe controlled substance prescribing?
  • What is the ADA’s position on this new requirement?
  • Where can I find additional information?
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