2023 Deadline pushed to December 31st

About the Initiative

Since 2011, the Kansas Dental Association (KDA) and Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation (KDCF), in partnership with Delta Dental of Kansas, have promoted dentists to practice in rural Kansas through the Kansas Initiative for New Dentists (KIND) Program.

The KIND Program includes three opportunities to encourage dentists to locate in rural areas of Kansas.

Dental Student Scholarship of up to $25,000 per year

A dental student is eligible to apply for the KIND Scholarship each year and, as such, it is possible to receive up to $100,000 in total scholarship assistance. In return, the student commits to practicing dentistry in a rural area as a KanCare (Medicaid) provider for a period of time determined by the total KIND scholarship award.

Dentist Loan Forgiveness Grant of up to $50,000

The KIND Loan Forgiveness Grant allows an existing dentist the opportunity to receive assistance for moving/locating in a rural area. A KIND Loan Forgiveness Grant recipient must commit to practicing in a rural area for three years and be a KanCare (Medicaid) Provider.

Your Application Should Include

  • Letter of interest - Please include private practice setting description
  • Resume
  • Licensure (or plans for licensure)
  • Two letters of reference

The deadline for applications for both the KIND Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness Grants is December 1.

2023 Deadline pushed to December31st

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