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KDA Seeking Nominees for Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Advisory Committee

The PMP Advisory Committee oversees the Kansas Tracking and Reporting of Controlled Substances (K-TRACS) system.  
K-TRACS tracks prescriptions for controlled substances and drugs of concern within the state. K-TRACS goals is to provide all prescribers and dispensers access to accurate and timely prescription history data to help determine appropriate medical treatment and interventions.
In addition, the data may help identify patients who could potentially benefit from referral to a pain-management specialist or those who are at risk for addiction and may be in need of substance abuse treatment.
A good dentist nominee would be a dentist that has experience with prescribing or dispensing controlled substances and drugs of concern for Kansas patients.    
If you are interested in being submitted as a nominee to the PMP Advisory Committee please forward your name to the KDA for consideration.