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Dr. John Fales Sends Medicaid Letter to Governor on Behalf of KDA Dentists

This week KDA President, Dr. John Fales, sent a letter to Governor Sam Brownback regarding the upcoming proposed 4% cuts in reimbursement rate for dentist who treat KanCare patients.  

Writing as the KDA President and long-time Medicaid provider, Dr. Fales called cutting reimbursement rates for KanCare dental benefits a recipe for disaster for those covered by the program because most private dental KanCare providers will be faced with an incredibly difficult decision as to their continued ability to participate in this program if the proposed 4% cut in reimbursement becomes a reality. A 4% decrease in reimbursement will likely be the death knell for KanCare’s ability to provide local access to dental care for these patients without an adequate number of dental providers. 

In addition, Dr. Fales said, “Kansas Medicaid Program has never provided a reimbursement level that allows the private dental provider to even cover the basic overhead cost of the care provided.”  

He compared the 4% to the equivalent of the $7,500 tax increase on his small business at a time when other business were seeing their taxes lowered.  

He went on to say, “ Without the continued ability to pay for the shortfall in the actual cost of care for these patients, I fear private dental practitioners may no longer be able to pay for the privilege of being able to provide their care. I believe this will result in even greater reductions in access to care for children and adults with special needs.”  

Download and read the entire letter here.

At this time, a 4% reduction in KanCare reimbursement is scheduled to take affect for all health providers – hospitals, physicians, dentists, etc. – on July 1.   If you’d like to contact the Governor on this issue, please refer to the information below:

Office of the Governor
Capitol, 300 SW 10th Ave., Ste. 241S
Topeka, KS 66612-1590                                
Toll Free:  877-KSWORKS (877-579-6757)
Local:  785-296-3232