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KDA Awards $500 Prize to Class Project Contest Winner

Several KDA staff members were in attendance for an all-school assembly at Eisenhower Elementary in Wellington, KS to present Amy Jenkins’ third grade class with prizes for their winning Children’s Dental Health Month Class Project Contest entry, “Third Grade Saves the Day!" (watch now)

At 3 P.M., students, teachers, staff members, and parents filled the school gymnasium.

Dr. Gwen Stalcup, who practices dentistry in Wellington and served as the 2015-2016 Southern District Chairperson for the KDA’s Council on Children’s Dental Health, was also there to show her support.

Niki Sadler, KDA Operations Coordinator, thanked the Eisenhower students and faculty for their hard work in creating the project and promoting good dental health.

Mrs. Jenkins’ explained how her class taught the first graders their song, “Brush,” which accompanied the video on dental health, to help them remember to brush twice per day.

“Brush, brush, brush your teeth… Every morning, every night,” many students sang in unison as the project was presented.

“We are really impressed with the the third graders for including the younger kids in the Class Project Contest, and teaching them the importance of taking care of their teeth,” Sadler said.

Mrs. Jenkins’ students knew that their video had placed among the top projects, but were unaware that they had won the grand prize.

Much to their surprise, Sadler and Dr. Stalcup then awarded Mrs. Jenkins with a First Place plaque from the Kansas Dental Association to commemorate the students’ outstanding work, as well as a $500 Visa gift card to be used on classroom activities or supplies.

Cheers and applause echoed through out the gymnasium as students congratulated one another on a job well done.

Mrs. Jenkins gave special thanks to third grade teacher Jessy Wencel and her students, as well as fifth grade teacher Vanessa Sawyer, and Principal Kelly Adams for all their help and encouragement.

The third grader students and teachers of Eisenhower Elementary demonstrated outstanding creativity and truly made learning about dental health fun for kids of all ages, which is what the KDA’s Class Project Contest is all about.