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Journal of the Kansas Dental Association - The JKDA

The KDA is excited to announce its collaboration with Peterson Media Group to create the Journal of the Kansas Dental Association (JKDA).

The JKDA will continue to be a quarterly publication, but will be digital-only moving forward. Each issue will be sent directly to all KDA members, WSU AEGD students, UMKC School of Dentistry students, and other organizations via email, and available for viewing at

If you have any questions or would like to submit advertising/content for the JKDA, please contact KDA Communications Coordinator, Sandra Romero, at


Volume 7, Issue 1

March 2023 (Small)

Volume 7, Issue 2

Vol 7 Issue 2-MockUp (Medium)

Volume 7, Issue 3

Vol 7 Issue 3-MockUp (Small)

Volume 7, Issue 4

Vol 7 Issue 4-MockUp


Volume 6, Issue 1

Vol 6 Issue 1-MockUp

Volume 6, Issue 2

Vol 6 Issue 2-MockUp

Volume 6, Issue 3

Vol 6 Issue 3-MockUp

Volume 6, Issue 4

Vol 6 Issue 4-MockUp (Small)


Volume 5, Issue 1

Vol 5 Issue 1-MockUp

Volume 5, Issue2

Vol 5 Issue 2-MockUp