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Timmerman Elementary Shines in Kansas Dental Association's Children's Dental Health Month Contest

Every February, dental health takes center stage as we celebrate Children's Dental Health Month, a dedicated effort to raise awareness about the importance of oral hygiene among our youngest population. This year, the Kansas Dental Association's annual Children's Dental Health Month Contest witnessed an extraordinary achievement that highlighted the creativity and dedication of students. Notably, both the first and second-place winners in the class project category hailed from Timmerman Elementary School, an exceptional accomplishment that deserves recognition.

Dr. Marlin Flanagan presents award to CDHM WinnerThe Children's Dental Health Month Contest serves as an educational platform, encouraging students to learn about proper oral care while showcasing their talents. The class project submissions are a central part of this initiative, allowing students to collaborate, create, and present their understanding of dental health in innovative ways.

Taking the top spot in the class project category was Timmerman Elementary School's submission titled "All About Those Teeth." Inspired by Meghan Trainor's hit song "All About That Bass," the students ingeniously crafted a parody that emphasized the significance of oral health. Through witty lyrics and a catchy tune, they not only entertained but educated their peers and the community about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The effort and creativity invested in this project undoubtedly contributed to their well-deserved first-place win.

Adding to the triumph, the second-place winner also hailed from Timmerman Elementary School. The project, aptly named "Dental Health," showcased another facet of the school's commitment to promoting oral hygiene. The fact that both Timmerman Elementary submissions secured top honors in a competition that spans the state is a testament to the school's dedication to fostering a culture of dental awareness among its students.

The recognition ceremony held a special moment as Local Flint-Hills District Chair, Dr. Marlin Flanagin, took the stage to present the awards. The first-place winners of the class project category were honored with a prestigious plaque along with a generous $500 gift card. This acknowledgment not only celebrates their accomplishment but also provides an incentive for continued dedication to oral health education.

The Drawing Contest, another segment of the Children's Dental Health Month Contest, also witnessed a deserving victor. A talented young artist secured the Drawing Contest winner's title and was awarded a $50 gift card. In a heartwarming gesture, the winner's teacher received a $100 gift card, acknowledging the integral role educators play in nurturing and shaping students' understanding of dental health.

As we reflect on this year's Children's Dental Health Month Contest, it's evident that Timmerman Elementary School's success goes beyond mere victory; it's a testament to the power of creative expression and collaborative learning. These students have not only exemplified the essence of oral hygiene education but have also demonstrated the profound impact that a dedicated educational community can achieve. Kudos to Timmerman Elementary School for their exceptional achievement and to all participants for their contributions to promoting healthy smiles and brighter futures.