KDA Announces 2022 NCDHM Drawing Contest Winners

Each February, the Kansas Dental Association participates in the National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) campaign to educate children, parents, and teachers on the importance of good oral health practices (learn more about NCDHM).

The ADA announced an exciting new theme for 2022  – “Sealants Make Sense”

In celebration of NCDHM, the KDA held its annual Drawing Contest, as well as the eighth annual Class Project Contest. Due to schools holding classes online, there was not a Drawing Contest or Class Project Contest in 2021. 

Each elementary school superintendent in Kansas received an information packet with contest materials, activity sheets, posters, and more - and all third AND fourth grade students (as well as their teachers and school nurses) in Kansas were invited to participate in the contests.

The KDA received many wonderful submissions for both contests. Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Drawing Contest Winners are listed below. Each student will receive a $50 gift card, and their participating teacher will receive a $100 gift card to purchase classroom supplies and activities. 

2022 KDA Drawing Contest Winners

Bryn-2022 KDA Coloring Contest Winner-Gina Pinamonti
SouthEast District
Bryn - Ms. Reinhardt
Southwest Elementary
Pratt, KS


Northwest/Golden Belt District
Jadyn - Mrs. Potter
Central Plains Elementary
Holyrood, KS


First District
Melody - Ms. Callahan
Hazel Grove Elementary
Kansas City, KS