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KMOM 2022 Rescheduled

KDA News Updates & Notices

New Kansas E-Prescribing Law Took Affect July 1, 2021

Many Dentists Were Not Affected

As the KDA has reported for some time, July 1, 2021 Kansas law required electronic prescribing for every prescription order issued for a controlled substance in schedules II-V that contains an opiate.

The new law only affected prescribers who issue over 50 prescription orders per year of “controlled substances that contain opiates."

Specifically, the new Kansas law states “Every prescription order issued for a controlled substance in schedules II-V that contains an opiate….shall be transmitted electronically.”

Prescribers may apply for a 6-month waiver with the Board of Pharmacy (which may be reissued indefinitely) on the Board of Pharmacy for the following reasons:

  • Economic Hardship
  • Technological Limitations
  • Other – Prescribe 50 or fewer schedule II-IV that contain opiates. 

The waiver information can be found and submitted at Electronic Prescribing Waiver (

To complicate matters, a new federal law began January 1, 2021 requiring all prescribers issuing orders for controlled substances under Medicare Part D to file prescriptions electronically.

If you have a waiver, the written prescription must indicate you have a waiver. 

(2) If a prescriber prescribes a controlled substance by non-electronic prescription, such prescriber shall indicate the prescription is made pursuant to a waiver granted pursuant to this section.

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