What Does Your Website Say About You?


Like many of you, I find a lot of great content on LinkedIn.  This weekend, while reading through stories on the site, I found an interesting article on the topic of “Personal Branding.”

Now this is a fairly new topic to many of you, but one as small business owners you are probably familiar with, whether you realize it or not.  You may call it different things, it may or may not be important to you, but your personal brand has an impact on how you are perceived by the patients who visit you, either directly by making an appointment, or indirectly, by patients visiting your website or other social media that may convey to a potential patient who you are.

What struck me about this particular story, and why I share it, is because in one of the author’s examples, she sites a dentist with a poorly designed, hard to navigate website.  You may not think your website is important, and perhaps to a few of you it really may not be, but for most of you it is and it might be a big part of how your patients and potential patients view you.

Read the article  3 Steps to Building a Stellar Personal Brand, from Young Entrepreneur.

UPDATE – Another good resource for the importance of a good website can be found in a recent Off the Cusp titled You know It’s Time to Get a New Website When …

— Greg Hill

Branding Made Personal: 3 Steps to Building a Stellar Personal Brand | YoungEntrepreneur.com.