What does your web page look like?

We recently posted a screen capture of our website (www.ksdental.org) as it appeared in 2001.  As one might imagine, it looked considerably different than it does today, thankfully.  As it should.  The web itself is considerably different today than it was twelve years ago and so is how we use the web.

The Kansas Dental Association Website as it appeared in 2002

The Kansas Dental Association Website as it appeared in 2002

In 2002, the purpose of our website was to provide a little bit of information about ourself and let people know how they can get in touch with us.  There was hardly any need to update the site unless we had a change in staff or had some special report we wanted people to be able to find.  Remember the phrase, “we can put that up on our website?”  Things went up on the website after the fact, when it was completed, after everyone received their physical copy.

Today, we update our website daily with news about our members and the dental profession.  Things go up on our website before they go anywhere else.  In 2013, people post they are going to do something even before its completed, just to generate a buzz about the project.  The web is the first place we expect you to go.

Our purpose for referencing the internet archive is to ask you to take a look at your website today and compare it to how it looked ten years ago, or five years ago, or even two years ago.  Ask yourself, “has my website changed?”   “Is it’s purpose the same as it was before?”

Now, pick up your smartphone or your tablet.  Pull up your website.  How easy is it to navigate your site?  Are their dropdown menus that people have to fumble through with their pinky finger to find your address or your phone number?  Is your number and address to your office front and center so patients can quickly call you or click your address and have it integrate with their GPS on their phone to give you turn-by-turn directions?

Throughout the fall, we’ll be covering topics to help you with your website, social media and the mobile web.