We were social media when social media wasn’t cool


Image by Jason A. Howie

Image by Jason A. Howie


by Greg Hill

Go ahead and sing along if you wish.  “We were social media, when social media wasn’t cool.”  Okay, maybe it’s more accurate to say we were an early adopter, but that just doesn’t sound as catchy.  Since way back in the MySpace days, even before businesses and organizations like ourselves could even use Facebook, the KDA has been using social media to communicate with members and the public about dental issues and activities of the KDA.

While we’ve learned, we’ve tried to share tips along the way to help our members who are also using social media.  I’ve spoken at the KDA Annual Session and to study clubs about social media and we’ve posted many articles here on our website we hope have been helpful to you.

If you didn’t read Social media and your professional reputation on DrBicuspid.com, I highly recommend you spend the few minutes to read the article.  Whether you are a newbie wondering how to get started or a an experienced user who wants to understand how your posts impact your professional reputation, Rita Zamora does a great job of laying it all out in this blog post.



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