U.S. Senate report critical of dental clinic chains

The United States Senate has completed a two-year investigation into corporate owned dental practices, according to a report issued Thursday by the Kansas Health Institute.  According to the story published on the KHI website, “the bipartisan report goes so far as to recommend that  the company that operates Small Smiles dental chain should be booted from Medicaid.”

The American Dental Association has responded.

Corporate pressure or requirements that dentist employees perform unnecessary procedures in order to maximize profits, as alleged in a Senate report, would represent “a clear violation of the ethical codes of the profession as set forth in the ADA Code of Professional Conduct,” the Association said.

“The Code states that ‘professionals have a duty to act for the benefit of others’ and that ‘contract obligations do not excuse dentists from their ethical duty to put the patient’s welfare first’,” the Association said in a press release.

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U.S. Senate report critical of dental clinic chains | Kansas Health Institute.