This Week’s Top 5 Web Resources

Top 5

What are the Top 5 stories you’ve viewed on our website this past week?



  1. Our Classified Ads are a great way to tell others in the dental profession about job openings and more.  View more than a dozen ads available right now.
  2.  The ADA is breaking down the Affordable Care Act through a series of Q&A’s.
  3. Handheld x-ray devices are becoming popular in dental practices. KDHE issued a notice to all dentists who may use or consider using these devices.
  4. The KDA District Meetings have begun, but eight more still are scheduled.  The district meetings offer an opportunity for members to serve in various capacities on KDA committees and councils.
  5. A memorial service is scheduled for 10 AM on October 4th at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church for Dr. Gregory J. Partridge of Wichita.