The First KDA Video Minute



UPDATE – Yes, we realize now the date of the first KDA Video Minute was January 18, not January 8th.


by Greg Hill

We asked this question on Facebook and Twitter:

KDA Past-President Dr. Kevin Cassidy answered it correctly on Facebook:

Kevin Cassidy FB Response




I remember Kevin Robertson telling me sometime in early 2008 that he wanted to do a video report to the KDA.  I had done a little work with video during the previous summer, but I was unsure how the project would come together.  Kevin sat down at the conference table in the KDA’s Past Presidents’ Conference Room, I turned on the camera and … okay, I won’t say magic happened.

The other night, I went on a mission to locate our very first KDA Video Minute.  Luckily what is posted on the internet is always on the internet and on a blog we haven’t used in years, I was able to find it.  Getting the video downloaded was a completely different challenge.



Since then, we’ve worked to make The KDA Video Minute better.  We began shooting the video in front of a green screen and later we went high definition.  We’ve improved our sound along with the software we use to edit and we’ve branded the production so that it builds upon our website and social media.


KDA VM Comparison


Truthfully, I was surprised as I watched the first episode.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Sure, it was primitive – the sound wasn’t very good, the fly-ins were a bit, dare I say cheesy and if you look carefully, you will notice that we called the production two different names in the introduction and the credits.  But it was an idea that had merit and as time went on, I like to think that it has gotten considerably better over the years.

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