Salina Schedules Fluoridation Forum


Opponents of community water fluoridation in Salina have asked the Salina City Council for a public forum according to the Salina Journal.  The community discussion will take place from  7 to 9 p.m., Nov. 4, in Room 107 of City-County Building.


Panels of people for and against water fluoridation will be given 30 minutes to give presentations. The public will be allowed to comment after the presentations.  The forum will be moderated by Eggers & Zimmerman Law & Mediation, of Salina.

A group which calls itself Salina Cares is leading the charge to remove the fluoride from Salina’s water.   The group, however, is not affiliated with the Salina Family Health Center, an organization formed to serve the health care needs of the low-income uninsured citizens of Salina and Saline County.  Dr. Rob Freelove, a Salina physician and CEO of the Salina Family Healthcare Center, wrote in a letter to the editor in the Salina Journal:

“As a physician and the CEO of the Salina Family Healthcare Center, I have watched the unfolding of the efforts to remove fluoride from the city’s water with much interest. Foremost, I shudder to think what the number of children in Salina with tooth decay and pain would be if we didn’t have fluoride in our water. Fluoridated drinking water is considered one of the lowest cost, most effective public health initiatives of all time.  Furthermore, I would like to clarify that the group calling themselves “Salina Cares” and leading the charge to remove fluoride from Salina’s water is in no way affiliated with the Salina Family Healthcare Center or the original Salina Cares.”

Local organizers in support of water fluoridation are preparing to speak on the issue.