Robert Smith Named 5th District Chairman Emeritus

Chairman Emeritus

The Fifth District Dental Society recognized the lifelong achievements of a member with a special Chairman Emeritus Award. Dr. Robert G. Smith was present given at the organizations annual meeting in Overland Park on Monday.

“No one in the last forty odd years has done more to promote and support our state association and component society,” said Dr Gene McGill who presented the award.  When I started attending council meetings in about 1983, I noticed that there was one guy who was always there and always had a report on legislative issues.  But I also noticed that everyone paid attention to the report.”

“I was very much honored,” Smith said.  “Organized dentistry has always been a really big part of my life.  So that was definitely a huge honor.  It just seems like the only way to go at a time when I was just getting started in industry. ”

Smith talked about the strength of the KDA and organized dentistry along with the staff of the KDA.

“You folks in Topeka are providing such a wonderful service,” Smith said.   “I have appreciated the opportunity to work with the dentists of Kansas. They have been a wonderful group of people and of course still are.”

Fifth District President Andrew Moore recognized the contributions Smith has made during his career.

“I think everyone in the room felt the same way I did when the idea was presented,” said Moore.

View some of the photographs taken at the Fifth District Dental Society Business Meeting: