Prepay your Dues for 2014

Prepaid Dues


It’s time to consider participating in the KDA’s 2014 Prepaid Dues Program.  This program allows you to pay your dues in five prepaid installments beginning in July 2013 for the 2014 dues year.  If you do not sign up for Prepaid Dues, you will be billed in November 2013 for the full 2014 dues.

You will have the option to pay Prepaid Dues by check or by credit card.

Your five monthly installment payments are calculated as described below:

The first FOUR (July, August, September, and October) payments will represent your KDA and ADA dues (for example: full active KDA ($530 + $125 Dues Assessment approved by the General Assembly) and ADA ($522) dues are $1177 total/4 payments = $294.25), and; The FINAL November payment will include local district dues and any ADA dues changes, and voluntary contributions to the Alliance, KDPAC, KDCF, etc.

  • Participants who choose the pay by the check (OPTION I) will receive a monthly statement for the July, August, September, October and November payments with a self-addressed envelope that you will mail directly to the KDA office;
  • Participants who choose to pay by the credit card (OPTION II) will be set up on a monthly recurring payment on or about the 5th of the month for July, August, September and October.  You will only receive a statement for the FINAL November payment.  You will return your November statement indicating any voluntary amounts you would like to have charged in addition to the remaining required membership balance.  By registering for Option II, and you do not return your November statement to us by December 31, 2013, you are agreeing that the KDA will charge the remaining required membership balance to your credit card at that time.

Please call the KDA office at 785-272-7360 or return the letter mailed to your office by June 15, 2013 to participate.