Parsons Groups wants to End Fluoridation

Parsons Fluoridation


UPDATE: Commission won’t budge on Fluoridation. Council Member who had concerns, now in support based on Surgeon General Statement

City Commissioner Jeff Perez, who had concerns about the issue of water fluoridation when it was raised in Parsons last July,  says the statement made by the United States Surgeon General  represents the latest scientific information available on the topic.  Other commissioners found the support by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention persuasive in their decision to press forward with the repairs to the fluoridation system.



While well known and highly respected health organizations have supported the use of community water fluoridation as a safe and effective means for the reduction of tooth decay for more than sixty years, some Kansas residents are still seeking its removal.  The latest effort to remove water fluoridation comes from a group in the small Southeast Kansas community of Parsons and from a group calling itself “Parsons for Pure Water.”

Parsons stopped fluoridation in June when an equipment failure sprung a leak.  An engineer has been hired to present a plan to fix the system in the next four to six months.



The Parsons effort is the latest in a series of communities who have or are looking at the removal of community water fluoridation.  A public hearing in Salina was held in early November.

Fluoride in Kansas launched last month as a tool for communities and individuals to better understand community water fluoridation.  The website highlights the Faces, the Facts, the Friends and a simple tool to determine the fluoride content in communities throughout Kansas.  The website is developed so viewers can easily share information to their social media pages.



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