Members Making a Difference





It has only been a few short years since Dr. Rob Herron saw the devastation of the Joplin tornado first hand. His wife Lori was working at Joplin’s Mercy Hospital when it took a direct hit. So when a longtime friend, Dr. Ginger Bratzel from Moore, Oklahoma (which suffered similar damage as Joplin in a Tornado this spring), gave him and Dr. Allyson Dodds the opportunity to donate toward a Habitat for Humanity home being built in Moore, they were happy to get involved.

“We were given the opportunity to donate towards a Habitat for Humanity home that was going to be built,” said Herron. “The home will be for a teacher and her family. Once they start building, we can go down and swing a hammer a day or two. I felt a kinship after seeing what Joplin looked like a few years ago.”

Dr. Bratzel’s children were in one of the schools hit by the tornado, but it was not one of the three schools that was destroyed.