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KDA Well-Being Program

Dentists and dental hygienists have problems that are experienced by our society as a whole. Mental and physical illness, including alcohol and other drug addictions, can potentially impair practice and health. The best estimates indicate that approximately 10% of all our society is affected.

Alcohol and other drug addictions, as well as mental and physical illnesses, are often treatable. By being pro-active, the dentist or dental hygienist can get professional help before it is too late.

The goal of the KDA Well-Being program is to provide confidential assistance to dentists and dental hygienists in Kansas who may be suffering from physical or mental illness, addiction or aging issues that could impair their ability to practice safely.

How is a Dentist or a Hygienist Referred?

Family members, employees, associates or friends concerned about a dental professional often contact the Well Being program. Many dentists are self-referred. The Kansas Dental Board will often refer licensees who have a problem which could jeopardize their practice.

What Happens After a Referral?

The Heart of America Professional Network (HAPN) first determines if the professional actually has a problem. If there is a problem then the individual is referred for an evaluation. If treatment is recommended then an agreement is signed.

Is the Information Given to the Committee Confidential? 

All information held by the Well Being Committee is confidential. Records are only kept at the HAPN Office.

Will the Kansas Dental Board Know of my Participation? 

So long as the participant complies with the program, the board will not be notified. The board can require a licensee to undergo an evaluation and to participate in the program in order to maintain or reinstate a license suspended for any impairment.

Who Do I Call?

Heart of America Professional Network
6405 Metcalf, Suite 205
Overland Park, Kansas 66202

Niki Sadler, Program Director
Kansas Dental Association
5200 SW Huntoon
Topeka, Kansas 66604

Additional Resources: 

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