Labor Law Posters

WebWe’ve heard that at least a few dentists are receiving phone calls from vendors selling  federal and state labor law posters.  Federal and Kansas State law requires that certain posters be displayed in the work place. Businesses are required to display as many as nine posters; only eight if not employing anyone under 18 years of age.

The KDA provides new members with a copy of the labor law poster as a member benefit.  From time to time, these pages are updated.    A new Workers Compensation Rights and Responsibilities page is available for accidents on or after April 25, 2013. This will replace the page K-WC 40 (Rev. 5/11) located below the Federal Minimum Wage page.

Follow this link to print the .pdf update –

The Kansas Department of Labor website has links to required posters for both federal and state.


Kansas Department of Labor.