KMOM 2014 Wraps Up in Dodge City

Volunteers rushed to make it out of town and avoid an approaching winter storm after finishing their final patients for the day, which meant far fewer goodbyes and hugs from friends across the state.  Nonetheless, there was still a feeling of happiness knowing two days  of hard work had helped so many people in need in the Dodge City area this weekend.

Dental professionals helped proved $803,590 in free dental care to 1182 patients at the 13th Kansas Mission of Mercy project held this weekend in Dodge City.  Since the project began in 2003, 24,150 patients have received nearly $13 million in free dental care.

“We sometimes feel that we are just as blessed as our patients the come up and give us a hug after they are treated,” said Dr. Paul Kittle, a pediatric dentist from Leavenworth.  ”Dodge City did a fantastic job of hosting this event. What a great venue and community organization.”

Dr. Richard McFadden, who co-chaired the KMOM project in Dodge City, was happy knowing so many patients had been helped in his community.

“More than eleven hundred patients received dental care,” McFadden said.  ”Each one of them received great care by the dentists and hygienists here in Dodge City and it’s important to recognize the services we did for each one of them.”

Volunteers began tearing down the clinic on Saturday afternoon, hoping to be able to avoid coming back on Sunday.

We will continue to provide updates on the Dodge City KMOM clinic.  Photos from the clinic can be viewed on our Facebook page.

KMOM 2014 Wraps Up in Dodge City | Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation.