KDA Video Minute – February 7, 2014


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KDA Executive Director Kevin Robertson was out today, so Assistant E.D. Greg Hill took his place this week for the KDA Video Minute.  In this episode, we cover KDA Dental Day, the updated schedule on HB 2372, KMOM and Children’s Dental Health Month.  Watch it now.

KDA Holds Another Successful Dental Day



KDA members gathered this morning at the Hayden Building north of the Kansas Statehouse for its annual legislative Dental Day.  Despite the snow which blanketed the state on Tuesday, dozens of dentists were still able to make the trip to Topeka.  The session began at 9:00 AM with updates from the KDA legislative, lobbying and communications teams discussing the issues facing dentists throughout the state.  (Read more)


Anti-Fluoridation Bill Hearing Rescheduled


The hearing on HB 2372, which was postponed due to the Kansas snowfall earlier this week, has been rescheduled once again for February 19th.  We will continue to update you on the hearing and how you can help by contacting your legislators.  Please look at the list of committee members below and please, if they are your legislator, a patient or a friend, please call them and tell them you don’t support HB 2372 and urge them to vote no.


House Health and Human Services Members

Chair: Rep. Dave Crum

Please consider doing one or more of the following right away:

  1. Contact your legislator to let him or her know you oppose the bill. Be sure you mention the bill number. Share a very simple, short message about why the bill will result in Kansans being told un-truths about water fluoridation. Details about how to share a message with your legislator are contained in the hints at the end of this message.
  2. Notify your friends, family and neighbors about the bill and ask them to contact their legislators saying they oppose it.
  3. Attend the hearing to show solidarity in our opposition to the bill. (Ask us for details about how to make plans to attend.) The more fluoridation proponents in the room, the better things will be.
  4. Submit testimony opposing the bill. (Again, ask for details about how to do this.)
  5. Follow Twitter during the hearing (Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:30 pm). Please either tweet or re-tweet pro-fluoridation messages. Use #ksleg and #fluorideks on the tweets. The #fluorideks is the one we use for Fluoride in Kansas, and #ksleg is the hashtag used for all legislative activity. During legislative hearings, both legislators and advocates watch Twitter to see what is trending, so positive messages during the hearing can help.

Find your legislator: The following website allows you to enter your home address: http://openkansas.org/. When you have done that, all of your elected officials will appear, and if you click on the name, the contact information pops up. Please just contact your House of Representatives member for now. The bill is being considered only in the House at this point.


Members of the committee: Members of the Health and Human Services Committee in particular need to be contacted! If you live in one of the members’ districts, please, please contact your House member. The committee members are listed below. You can click on each person’s name to reach his/her contact information.


These representatives are the first line of defense against HB 2372. See if your legislator is on the committee. If your representative is NOT on the committee, encourage him/her to talk to their colleagues about the benefits of water fluoridation and encourage them to kill HB 2372. If your legislator is on HHS, double-down on your efforts. Email AND call. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Many representatives say it can change their vote on a bill if they hear from just five or six constituents.


KMOM Registration Still Open


Not signed up for KMOM Dodge City?  Volunteer registration for the 2014 Kansas Mission of Mercy dental project in Dodge City is still open.  The 13th Kansas Mission of Mercy event will take place on February 28-March 1st at the Western State Bank Expo Center.  (Read More)

February is Children’s Dental Health Month

Each February, the Kansas Dental Association participates in the National Children’s Dental Health Month campaign to educate children, parents and teachers on the importance of good oral health.


Traditionally, the KDA has worked with third grade students and teachers across the state by providing educational materials and inviting the classes to participate in a coloring contest.  Each KDA component district then judged the entries and the wining entry has received a $150 gift card they could redeem for a  bicycle. (Read More)