KDA Video Minute – February 21, 2014


KDA Video Minute


 The first deadline in the Kansas Legislature is next Friday (February 28) and the House Health and Human Services Committee is scheduled to take action on two dental bills on Monday.   Both HB 2611 (50% Rule Change) 2372 (Water Fluoridation) were heard last week and we’ve got coverage of those two hearing in the KDA Video Minute and in the stories below.   Watch it now.


Hearing Held on 50% Rule Change

The House Committee on Health and Human Services heard testimony Monday from the Kansas Dental Association and KDA member proponents onHB 2611, which would amend the “fifty-percent” rule to the “twenty-percent” rule, concerning the amount of time that an owner dentist would be required to be present in their office.“This is an ongoing effort to find ways to increase access to care, particularly in rural Kansas,” said KDA Executive Director Kevin Robertson.  “General dentists and specialists will be to deliver more care and not be constrained by this law that can at times be onerous.”The  KDA has looked at this law on numerous occasions and recognizes that the purpose for the 50-percent rule is to make the owner dentist responsible for there patients by creating oversight and shared responsibility between the owner dentist and associates or employees of the practice.  (Read More)


KDA Testifies Against HB 2372

KDA Testifies Against HB 2372-01

Opponents to House Bill 2372 testified in the House Health and Human Services Committee Wednesday afternoon.  The bill would mandate that communities which fluoridate their water supplies, provide false information, specifically a warning indicating that water fluoridation decreases the IQ in children, to their residents.

“Community water fluoridation is recognized by countless well-respcted health organizations you know and trust for you medical care,” said Greg Hill, Assistant Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Association. “These include the American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Medical Association, and more.”  (Read More)


KDA Real World Transition Brunch Registration Opens

KDA RWTB Cover Story-01

Connecting dentists who are nearing the end of their dental careers with dental students entering their careers is one of the goals for the Kansas Dental Association’s Real World Transition Brunch. The annual event will take place on April 11, 2014 at the UMKC Midwest Dental Conference at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel.

“The Real World Transition Brunch is designed to connect students with dental practices,” said Jennifer Jones, KDA Membership Director. “We also have representatives who offer products and services that dental practices will need once they begin their careers.” (Read More and Register)