KDA Video Minute – February 18, 2013

Registered Dental Practitioner Bills Introduced


As we announced a few weeks ago, House Bill 2157 was introduced in the House Health and Human Services Committee. Last week, an identical bill, Senate Bill 197 was introduced in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  At this point, neither bill has a hearing scheduled.


Water Fluoridation



The Kansas Dental Association learned today that House Bill 2372 was introduced in the Committee on Federal and State Affairs. The bill would require notices to be sent to customers of fluoridated water systems with anti-fluoride information.  We will continue to update you on the status of this measure

A conservative Republican group in Kansas has asked Topeka to turn off the fluoride valve in the capital city during the legislative session, meanwhile officials in Salina have been asked to have water fluoridation stopped and an outgoing city council member in Lawrence is asking the city auditor to gather scientific evidence on fluoridation.  (More)