KDA Video Minute February 11, 2013



Dental Day 2013



Kansans are seeing progress in the comprehensive efforts to reduce barriers to quality dental care in the state, according to information presented at the Kansas Statehouse today.

Members of the Kansas Dental Association briefed lawmakers about ongoing efforts to expand oral health services for underserved Kansans. These efforts include recruiting dentists to practice in rural areas, expanding services provided by hygienists under direct supervision of a dentist and reach low-income Kansans served by the state’s Medicaid program. (more)




Hearing on HB 2157 Scheduled




A hearing for HB 2157 has been scheduled for February 21 in the House Committee on Health and Human Services.  We’ll provide more information to you in advance of that hearing.  A listing of the committee members can be found on the committee’s webpage.