KDA Launches Newest KDA Video Minute

KDA Video Minute

KDA Executive Director Kevin Robertson discusses Children’s Dental Health Month in the newest KDA Video Minute.


The Kansas Dental Association has released its first episode of the KDA Video Minute for 2014.  The episode marks the beginning of the seventh season of the KDA in-house video news production.

“For this season we have overhauled the technical elements of the production that will make each episode easier and quicker to put together,” said Greg Hill, KDA Assistant Executive Director, who has produced the KDA Video Minute since inception.  “We’ve added some new elements to the look and feel and even though it looks similar to the past two years, it is significantly different.”

Each year, the KDA has improved its production and added new features, this year is no different.

“One of the major changes we’ve made this year is with the branding of the Kansas Dental Association’s digital communications,” Hill said.  “Viewers of the various KDA online channels will notice they are tied together with the same graphics, messages and overall look.”

The final change is the addition of advertising.

“Advertising can have a significant impact on the income of the Kansas Dental Association,” Hill said.  “The more aware our members are of the products and services our endorsed providers and other advertisers provide, the more valuable the ad spaces become.  In turn, this adds to the income of the KDA.”

Advertising will begin within the KDA Video Minute beginning today, appearing in the lower-third of the screen.  These ads will mirror the ads on the KDA website and those in the KDA Weekly.

“It’s my hope that KDA members will find great value in the newest season of the KDA Video Minute and through the other communications streams we’ve developed,” Hill said.

Watch the Video Minute  on our YouTube Channel.