KDA Hosts First Webinar

by Greg Hill

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Mike Terrell of The Cincinnati Insurance Companies presented the KDA’s first webinar on Risk Management for Dentists.

Missed the webinar?  Watch it here.


The Kansas Dental Association held its first webinar today, featuring Mike Terrell of the Cincinnati Insurance Companies. The one-hour session covered Dentist’s Risk Management.  The webinar was recorded and will be made available to KDA members on-demand.

The webinar session covered a number of topics, including the primary types of treatment involved in paid claims, communication issues, record keeping errors, severity of claims as well as the importance of developing and maintaining rapport with patients.

“According the American Dental Association, 14.3 percent of all claims are because of failed root canals,” Terrell said.  “Because of this, you might consider referring these cases to a specialist.”

Among claims paid, Terrell says, crown and bridge account for 21.8-percent and root canals 20%.

In many cases, patients will opt to refuse treatment, Terrell says.  While it’s important to be sympathetic to a family’s financial needs, which may be the reason they might refuse, it’s important not let that go on too long.

“If a patients winds up with a cancerous tumor and you’ve not taken an x-ray in a few years, a court could very well come down against you,” Terrell said.  “You have to make sure you’ve done your part to ensure their health.  There are 35,000 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed every year and 25% of them are going to die.  There has been a dramatic increase in oral cancer patients under the age of forty.”

Dr. Charles Squire of Wichita, who attended the webinar said after the session that he thought it was an excellent benefit for membership.

“I learned some new things today,” Squire said.  ” I don’t know how many CE programs that I have done over the years on insurance and risk management so I thought the topic was good.  I also think the presenter covered the topic very well.  Having it over the lunch hour was also very good timing.  I know that people have different times they take lunch, but this was fit nicely so that dentists could work their lunch around it.”

“The KDA’s webinar covering the subject of professional risk management and professional liability insurance was excellent. I learned some new information. This subject matter would have been particularly useful for dentists in their first three to five years of practice and a good review for any dentist either generalist or specialist.” — Dr. Charles Squire
Terrell also discussed topics of communications with patients, terminating patient relationship and embezzlement.

“Right now, embezzlement from dentist’s offices is running rampant,” Terrell said.  “There is a good reason why the person responsible for the money doesn’t want to take a vacation.  Maybe it’s because they don’t want anyone else to see the books.  Consider requiring a mandatory vacation and bring in a CPA once a year.”

The KDA plans to regularly host webinar sessions for CE as a KDA member benefit.