Free Images for Your Dental Blogs

Greg Hill CV photoby Greg Hill
Assistant Executive Director
Kansas Dental Association


We know that many of you are dental bloggers. Maybe you use your blog to promote oral health with your patients or even to share interests or hobbies.  You’ve got great content, your writing is spectacular, but the one thing you lack is good images.  Maybe you’ve got a few photographs from a vacation or that  you’ve taken in your practice (with permission to use of course), but I’m certain at least one of you have said to yourself, “I wish I had a good image for this blog post.”

I run into this problem quite frequently when writing for the KDA.   Images of dentists or dentistry often add to the overall look of our stories.  Sometimes I struggle to find an image (I’ll often search “open source” images)  that  doesn’t have copyright restrictions on its use.  We’ve looked into purchasing images, but that’s pretty expensive. A one month subscription can cost $300.  I’m just guessing that is outside your blogging budget.

Getty Images. the worlds largest photo service, just announced that it has opened a large amount of its library of photos for free use, provided you use the embed code provided with the photo.  The image below is an image from Getty Images. You will notice the copyright and photographers name, along with links to both Facebook and Twitter.  Of course, Getty Images library contains more than images of dentists.

Usage of the photographs is restricted to commercial or advertising uses, so if you want to use an image for a promo piece for your dental practice, you will need to purchase that right to use the photo.

So how, you ask, does Getty Images believe that offering these images for free help their bottom line? Think about it this way. If you wanted to use the image above (or one similar), all you would have to do is visit a website that has an image like this one, save it to your computer and then upload it. It’s basically what people did with Napster and it’s illegal. By using the embed code, Getty Images is now able to collect data on the usage of that photograph they own. It’s now like the song I’m listening to on iTunes Radio.

To learn more about embedding photos from Getty Images, visit this link and then search away.  Your blog will be better because of it.

There are other free sites that also have copyright free photos.  A favorite is Pixabay.