Fluoride Bill Fails



A bill that would have required fluoridated communities to put a warning in the water bills falsely stating that water fluoridation lowers IQ in children was tabled by a 10-2 vote in the House Health and Human Services Committee today, effectively killing the measure.

The committee heard testimony last week from both proponents of the bill and a well-orchestrated opposition which included twenty-four individuals and organizations, including the Kansas Dental Association.

“Community water fluoridation is recognized by countless well-respcted health organizations you know and trust for you medical care,” said Greg Hill, Assistant Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Association. “These include the American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Medical Association, and more.”

The bill was see as an obvious attempt by water fluoridation opponents to put fear into residents of fluoridated communities.

Statistics indicate that water fluoridation can reduce tooth decay by up to 40-percent and that for every $1 invested in fluoridated water saves $38 in dental costs.    Medicaid costs have also been shown to be approximately $24 higher per child in non-fluoridated communities.