Dr. Weno to Move to CDC

photoFriends and colleagues gathered Wednesday night in Topeka to say goodbye to Dr. Kathy Weno and wish her  the very best in her new position as the dental division director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A number of friends from the dental community, current and past staff members and colleagues she has worked with since becoming the Dental Director in Kansas shared stories and thanked Dr. Weno for her service and friendship over the years.


“Dr. Weno has been a good friend and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with her and her staff over the years,” said Greg Hill,  Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation.  “I want to thank her for all the work she has done in Kansas and wish her all the very best at the CDC.”

Tanya Dorf Brunner of Oral Health Kansas and Karen Finstad of Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation also thanked Dr. Weno in remarks made during the reception.  Weno then spoke to the crowd, recalling some of her memories during her  seven years with the Bureau of Oral Health and thanked the various organizations who she has worked closely with over the years.

Dr. Weno has served as an advisor to state and local governments, agency staff, oral health professionals, and the general public on the science of oral health, including community water fluoridation, evidence-based dentistry, dental public health, dental education, infection control, Medicaid, and access-to-care interventions. Under her leadership, oral health activities in Kansas expanded from a single employee working within a branch in another bureau to a free-standing bureau that directs oral health programs in 88 of Kansas’ 105 counties.