Dr. Rick McFadden Honored with Harry M. Klenda Award


Dr. Rick McFadden (left) receives the Harry M. Klenda award from 2013 KDA Executive Committee President, Dr. Jason Wagle

Dr. Richard “Rick” McFadden, of Dodge City, received the 2014 Harry M. Klenda award for outstanding council and committee service this past Saturday at the Sheraton at Crown Center, in Kansas City, MO.

Dr. Wagle spoke of Dr. McFadden’s service to organized dentistry:

“Rick has faithfully served the KDA for many years over his long career. He is a tireless worker who can be counted on to help out when there is a need. He is this year’s Dr. Harry M. Klenda Award for Outstanding Council/Committee Service for his service on the Kansas Initiative for New Dentists (KIND) advisory committee. Rick serves on the KDA Council on Dental Legislation and Workforce, and most recently chaired the 2014 Kansas Mission of Mercy, held for the first time in Dodge City. ”

Dr. McFadden played an instrumental role in preparing for KMOM, along with Dr. Richard Stein, both of whom received recognition for their efforts from Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation President, Dr. Mark Herzog.

 Dr. McFadden is the oldest, and only boy, of four children. Rick grew up living the typical vagabond life of a career military family, as his father served in the United States Air Force.

He attended many different schools in a variety of cities and countries. This carried over into his undergraduate college years; attending three different colleges, on two different continents, before graduating in 1977 from Emporia State University with a Microbiology/Chemistry degree.

Dr. McFadden had at one point given up on going to dental school. For six years, he worked as a research chemist for Cook Paint in north Kansas City, MO. It was there he met Dr. Dan Muehlebach, a dentist, and his sister Amy, who was, at the time, a dental assistant. They encouraged him to go to dental school, insisting that it was “never too late!” Amy went on to become the love of Dr. McFadden’s life, and they have been married for 31 years.

In 1984, Dr. McFadden enrolled into the University of Missouri Kansas City, School of Dentistry. If you ask Amy, she believes Rick just put off going to dental school until he found someone silly enough to work three jobs to help him through. Dr. McFadden graduated with honors in 1988, and convinced Amy to leave Kansas City, her only home, for an associate opportunity in western Kansas. What started as an associateship in Dodge City with Dr. Gene Ray, quickly turned into a partnership that lasted eleven years, and a friendship that continues to this day.

Dr. McFadden has been a member of organized dentistry from the start of his career, but was not actively involved until two of his classmates told him that they nominated him to be the KDA Central District President in 1998, because it was “just his turn.”

Since then, he has remained a delegate and Peer Review program mediator for the district. In 2006, his district friends honored him by nominating him for KDA Dentist of the Year award, which he won.


Dr. Richard Stein (left) and Dr. Rick McFadden (center), are honored by KDCF President, Dr. Mark Herzog, for their work on the KMOM Dodge City project.

In 2011, the KDA President at the time, Dr. Hal Hale, another classmate and friend, asked Dr. McFadden to become more involved at the state level by chairing the new Kansas Initiative for New Dentists (KIND) advisory committee. His outstanding service on this committee led him to be the recipient of the 2014 Harry M. Klenda award.

Rick and Amy are about to finish their twenty-sixth year in Dodge City. Two years ago, Dr. McFadden’s associate, Dr. Shawna Harris, started the buy-out of his practice, and last summer they welcomed Dr. Logan Morse as an associate. This does not mean Dr. McFadden is planning his retirement! For now, he is just enjoying the freedom to slow down and take more time off.

Dr. Rick and Amy McFadden love to travel with friends and family to places they have not been. Dr. McFadden has enjoyed more time for golf, hunting, and a lot less stress. He still enjoys dentistry, and is so grateful to the brother-sister tag team for nudging him back towards the dental career path.

The KDA thanks Dr. Rick McFadden for his dedication to the profession of dentistry.