Dental Recordkeeping Requirements

One of the more common questions the Kansas Dental Association receives concerns the length of time a dentist must keep dental records.  The simple answer is that all records must be maintained for a period of ten years as required by the Kansas Dental Board.  However, because of the Statute of Limitations, particularly regarding treatment done on children under the age of 18, dentists are urged to consult their private attorneys for specific guidelines on medical malpractice liability.


Dental recordkeeping requirements. For the purposes of K.S.A. 65-1436 and amendments thereto, each licensee shall maintain for each patient an adequate dental record for 10 years after the date any professional service was provided. Each record shall disclose the justification for the course of treatment and shall meet all of the following minimum requirements:

(a) It is legible.

(b) It contains only those terms and abbreviations that are comprehensible to similar licensees.

(c) It contains adequate identification of the patient.

(d) It indicates the date any professional service was provided.

(e) It contains pertinent and significant information concerning the patient’s condition.

(f) It reflects what examinations, vital signs, and tests were obtained, performed, or ordered and the findings and results of each.

(g) It indicates the initial diagnosis and the patient’s initial reason for seeking the licensee’s services.

(h) It indicates the medications prescribed, dispensed, or administered and the quantity and strength of each.

(i) It reflects the treatment performed or recommended.

(j) It documents the patient’s progress during the course of treatment provided by the licensee.