Dental Day 2014 Scheduled for February 6


UPDATE: House Bill 2372, the anti-fluoridation bill that would require water departments warn their customers that water fluoridation lowers the IQ in children, is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5th at 1:30 PM in the House Health and Human Services Committee. Please join us for that hearing scheduled the day before Dental Day. A block of rooms is available at the Senate Suites.

The Kansas Dental Association has scheduled its annual legislative Dental Day for February 6, 2014.

Political involvment by KDA members has helped deliver legislative successes in years past, largely due to the friendships and acquaintances KDA members have cultivated with their elected officials.  Dental Day 2014 will be the time and place to build upon those relationships.

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“This year the KDA will continue to focus on initiatives that will ensure that every Kansan has a dentist by removing barriers that prevent ALL Kansans from getting dental care,” said KDA President Jason Wagle.  “The KDA will continue to work toward improvements in the KanCare Medicaid Program and the expansion of Medicaid to include adult services and incentives for dentists to practice in rural and underserved areas.”

The event will be held at the Hayden Building immediately to the north of the State Capitol Building, a different location than in years past.  The Dillon House, where Dental Day had been held for many years, was sold to a private owner and is no longer available.

“We’ve scheduled Dental Day to give you the opportunity to visit with legislators and learn about the political process,” Wagle said.  “We will begin the day by gathering at the Hayden Building (immediately North of the Statehouse) for a briefing of the day’s events and issues.  At that time each KDA member will receive an issue paper with points to discuss with your Legislators.”

At 10:30 AM dentists will gather at the Statehouse for a press conference to announce the scholarship awardees for the KDA’s scholarship/loan forgiveness partnership with Delta Dental Foundation, and at noon dentists will return to Dillon House for a buffet lunch with your Legislators.  Additional time in the afternoon will provide the opportunity to continue meetings with Legislators and attend the House Committee on Health and Human Services, and/or the Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare.

“The KDA has been successful over the past several years with the passage of legislation to create the new Extended Care Permit (ECP) III dental hygienists, securing fuding for the DDS program, and legislation that exempts dentists from liability who are performing charitable (100% gratis) care regardless of where that care is provided,” Wagle said.  “Dental Day 2014 will be the perfect opportunity to meet with legislators and discuss how dentists are the best solution to solving the oral health concerns in Kansas.”

A block of rooms has been set aside at the Senate Luxury Suites, 900 SW Tyler (about 1 block west of the Statehouse), for those of you arriving in Topeka on Wednesday, February 6.  The rooms are $85 (studio) and can be reserved by calling (785)233-5050/(800)488-3188 or on the internet at prior to Friday, January 31.  Be sure to mention that you are with the Kansas Dental Association.