Community Water Fluoridation Under Attack in Kansas


House Bill 2372 has been introduced in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee that would declare community water fluoridation unsafe and require community water systems that fluoridate public water supplies to warn citizens of dangers to the IQ of children in the community.

The Kansas Dental Association supports community water fluoridation as a safe and effective means to reduce dental decay.

A conservative Republican group in Kansas has asked Topeka to turn off the fluoride valve in the capital city during the legislative session, meanwhile officials in Salina have been asked to have water fluoridation stopped and an outgoing city council member in Lawrence is asking the city auditor to gather scientific evidence on fluoridation.

The Kansas Republican Assembly, one of the leading opponents to the efforts last year to fluoridate Wichita, has asked Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten to stop fluoridation in Topeka while the legislature is in session to “protect legislators from potential loss of I.Q. and other negative side effects of fluoride while in Topeka.”

The Huffington Post reported on this story over the weekend.

In Salina, an organization calling itself Salina Cares, not to be confused with the Salina Care Health Clinic, wants to to have fluoride removed from the local water supply by asking the city to stop the practice.  Jason Gage, Salina’s City Manager, has told KSNW in Wichita, “We still feel it’s beneficial to [fluoridate]. So we are keeping with our past practices of doing it.”

According to the Salina Post, an alternative news source in Salina, the next Community Health Seminar focusing on halting fluoridation in Salina will be held Tuesday evening. The featured speaker will be Dr. Charles Hinshaw, MD of the Riordan Clinic in Wichita Kansas.

An outgoing City Commissioner in Lawrence has requested that the City Auditor to prepare a report summarizing the latest scientific research on whether water fluoridation is beneficial.

In November, Wichita voters rejected a ballot issue which would have added fluoride to the Wichita water supply.  As a result of that election, many are suggesting that the anti-fluoridation movement feels momentum and will now seek to request cities end the practice.

The Kansas Dental Association is working with the Bureau of Oral Health, Oral Health Kansas and other organizations to develop responses and provide local dentists and community leaders with science-based evidence that shows water fluoridation continues to be a safe, healthy and effective ways to reduce tooth decay.  If you live in one of these communities and have additional information, please contact the KDA.




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