Community Water Fluoridation by the Numbers

Millions of Americans do not have access to fluoridated water in their communities, leading to higher rates of tooth decay and greater costs to taxpayers.  Fluoridation can reduce states’ expenditures for emergency room care, Medicaid, and other public health services.

Last week, The Pew Charitable Trusts released an infographic outlining some significant numbers about water fluoridation.  Did you know that 72,323,833 Americans are served by public water systems that do not provide drinking water or that for every $1 spent on fluoridation, $38 is saved?

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Most communities fluoridate drinking water – new infographic shows it’s a smart way to #preventdecay



Infographic: 42-M Americans don’t get the #dental benefits of #fluoridation – smart way to #preventdecay


twitter-whiteTooth decay costs that much? Infographic explores the impact of water #fluoridation


twitter-whiteGot fluoride? Infographic shows need for water #fluoridation, but only 62.8% of Kansans get it