Join the Super Smile Team! February is Children’s Dental Health Month



Each February, the Kansas Dental Association participates in the National Children’s Dental Health Month campaign to educate children, parents and teachers on the importance of good oral health.

Traditionally, the KDA has worked with third grade students and teachers across the state by providing educational materials and inviting the classes to participate in a coloring contest.  Each KDA component district then judged the entries and the wining entry has received a $150 gift card they could redeem for a  bicycle.

The Council on Children’s Dental Health recognized that the participation in the program was not what it once was and that for the program to continue to be successful, modifications needed to be made.

“We have not had the turnout over the past few years and many districts were not receiving any entries at all,” said Niki Sadler of the Kansas Dental Association.  “The idea was to target those who could incorporate the curriculum.  We felt that benefitting the teacher would be more rewarding.The teacher is the one who makes a difference.”

To encourage participation by the schools, the district student winner will earn a $50 Visa gift card.  In addition, the teacher of the student will receive a $100 gift card. All teachers are eligible to submit a class project to the KDA for a larger prize.

“Those teachers who then wish to design a class project can submit that entry to the KDA which will judge all statewide entries,” Sadler said.  “The teacher of the winning class entry will receive a $500 gift card.”

CDHM Contests 2014

The KDA will then use the materials submitted by the students to promote CDHM through social media and other publications.

For more information about Children’s Dental Health Month, including educational materials and program suggestions, visit the American Dental Association’s Children’s Dental Health Month website at


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