CDHM Third Grade Drawing Contest Winners Announced

And the Winner is…

Super Smile Team

Each February, the Kansas Dental Association participates in the National Children’s Dental Health Month campaign to educate children, parents and teachers on the importance of good oral health.

Traditionally, the KDA has worked with third grade students and teachers across the state by providing educational materials and inviting the classes to participate in a coloring contest.

This year’s theme was “2min2x” and students were to create an original drawing that demonstrates brushing for two minutes, twice a day to fight tooth decay. Third graders from all over Kansas submitted their artwork for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card, as well as a $100 Visa gift card for their teacher to use on classroom activities. The entries were then judged by the component district chairperson and their staff.

The Council on Children’s Dental Health made the decision to award a prize to both the teacher and the student as a way to boost participation in the contest.

“In year’s past, a bicycle was awarded to the winning student, however, response has been dwindling over the past few years and many districts were not receiving any entries at all,” said Niki Sadler of the Kansas Dental Association. “The idea was to target those who could actually influence the classroom curriculum. We felt that benefitting the teacher as well as the student, would show the teacher that we appreciate their service. The teacher is the one who makes a difference.”

In addition, teachers were able to submit a dental health class project to the KDA for the chance to win a larger prize – a $500 Visa gift card. We challenged them to be creative and show us what they were doing to promote dental health in the classroom. The presentations were evaluated by the CDHM district chairs and KDA staff. The top 3-4 finalists will then be judged by member dentists at the KDA annual business meeting on April 12. The winning class will be announced the following week.

“A new life was breathed into the KDA’s annual Children’s Dental Health Month program.” Sadler said. “The presentations displayed such amazing creativity, which far exceeded our expectations, and it was evident that the students really had fun participating and learning…almost as much fun as we had viewing them! THANK YOU to the educators for recognizing the importance of dental health and for involving the students in the class project. I personally look forward to seeing what this revitalized program will yield next year.”

Below are the third grade drawing contest contest winners, listed by district.

Central District Winner

Central District
Zac Lopez
Cimarron Elementary
Cimarron, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Voth


5th District CDHM Winner_0007

Fifth District
Avery Pankey
Wolf Creek Elementary
Spring Hill, KS
Teacher: Ms. Prentiss


First District Winner

First District
Emily Pruitt
Macarthur Elementary
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Hopkins


Flint Hills District Winner

Flint Hills District
Connor Collins
Osage City Elementary
Osage City, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Linton


NWGB District Winner

NWGB District
Caxton Smyth
Plainville Elementary
Plainville, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Simon


7th District Winner

Seventh District
Ashley Rosfeld
Goessel Elementary
Goessel, KS
Teacher: Mr. Wiens


Southeast District Winner

Southeast District
Kellie Dowling
R.V. Haderlein Elementary
Girard, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Martin


CDHM Artwork

Southern District
Kate Lance
Frances Willard Elementary
Arkansas City, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Cales


Topeka District Winner

Topeka District
Emma Graff
Shawnee Heights Elementary
Topeka, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Fleischer


Wichita District Winner

Wichita District
Clara Hall
Colwich Grade School
Wichita, KS
Teacher: Mrs. Kincaid