ADA 12th District Holds Caucus – Oettmeier Previews Speech

Previewing his speech to delegates at the American Dental Association’s Annual Session this week, Dr. Bert Oettmeier addressed the ADA 12th District Caucus Friday morning in New Orleans.

Bert Oettmeier

ADA 2nd VP Candidate Bert Oettmeier speaks to the 12th District Caucus

“I’m excited to stand before you today as a candidate for the office of ADA Second Vice President,” Oettmeier began.  “I’m here because I care.”

At the KDA Annual Meeting in April, Dr. Bert W. Oettmeier, Jr. announced his candidacy for 2nd Vice President of the American Dental Association.  Election of the ADA 2nd Vice President will occur at the ADA Annual Session on Monday, November 4 in New Orleans.  Delegates comprising the ADA House of Delegates will cast their ballot for the position.  The ADA 2nd Vice President automatically ascends to 1stVice President, thereby making the election a 2-year commitment as an officer and member of the ADA Board of Trustees.

Dr. Gregory Peppes from Kansas, who has served as Council on ADA Sessions program chair, spoke to  the caucus on the success of the meeting as it is drawing close to 24,000 attendees.  He spoke of meeting President Bill Clinton following his speech yesterday.


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At the ADA level, Bert has been a delegate to the ADA’s House of Delegates since 2004 and is currently serving a term that extends until 2014.  He was appointed to the ADA’s Council on Dental Benefit Programs in 2006 and served as the Chair of that Council in 2009-10.  He chaired the ADA’s Code Revision Committee in 2010-11 (later known as the Code Advisory committee which he also chaired in 2012).  The work of these Committees updates and revises annually the ADA Current Dental Terminology (CDT) Code.  Bert has been an ongoing consultant to the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs since 2010.   He is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists (ACD), having been inducted in 1999.  He was Region 5 Regent for the American College of Dentists Board of Regents before recently being elected its Treasurer.

“With ten years experience in the House, I am familiar with the issues, concerns and challenges that face our profession and our organization,” he said.