ACA Marketplace Implementation


The American Dental Association has released its fourth article in the Affordable Care Act series.  The first three ADA Q-and-A articles were published Aug. 5 and 19 and Sept. 2.  

In summary, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that in the first full year of implementation (2014) 7-9 million people will enroll through individual and small group marketplaces.  However, by 2023, 24-29 million people will enroll.   Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs are expected to grow from 34 million to 47 million by 2023.

By October 1, all employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act, must provide notice to all current employees of the coverage options available to them through the Health Insurance Exchanges (Marketplaces).

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT ADA.ORG: ACA: Status of marketplace implementation