$500 Prize Presented to Class Project Contest Winner

CDHM Winner Assembly-01

Several KDA staff members were in attendance for an all-school assembly at Eisenhower Elementary in Wellington on Friday morning, which was held to present Vanessa Sawyer’s class with a $500 Visa gift card for their winning Children’s Dental Health Month Class Project Contest entry.


Eisenhower Elementary students watch “It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Brush” during an all-school assembly on Friday, April 25.

In addition to the Kindergarten through 5th grade population- administrators, teachers, and parents of the winning class filled the school cafeteria.

Dr. Gwen Stalcup, of Wellington, whose office was used to shoot part of their  music video, was also there to show her support.

Mrs. Sawyer surprised her class by bringing them to the assembly a few minutes late, so when they entered the cafeteria they were met with applause and cheers as “It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Brush” played in the background. Children talked excitedly among themselves, and many knew the lyrics and sang along with Mrs. Sawyer and her students.

Niki Sadler, KDA Operations Coordinator, spoke about the importance of having good dental health. Almost everyone in the room chimed in to shout, “Twice a day!” when asked how often they were supposed to brush their teeth to prevent cavities. Sadler reminded students to brush their teeth for two minutes when they wake up and again before bed.

Sadler also encouraged future third graders to participate in the CDHM Drawing and Class Project contests next year, and thanked staff members for continuing to teach good dental health practices as part of their curriculum.

She then presented Mrs. Sawyer with a First Place plaque from the Kansas Dental Association to commemorate her and the students’ outstanding work, as well as the $500 Visa gift card to be used on classroom activities or supplies.

Mrs. Sawyer’s students and their parents also showed their appreciation with a vase of fresh flowers for her.

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Vanessa Sawyer with her third grade class and Dr. Gwen Stalcup, of Wellington.


Mrs. Sawyer received a card and flowers from her students.


(from left) KDA Staff members Kylie Fleck and Niki Sadler presented Vanessa Sawyer and her class with a First Place plaque and $500 Visa gift card, accompanied by Dr. Gwen Stalcup, whose office was used to shoot part of the music video.