14 Dental Marketing Musts for 2014

We recognize that along with providing high quality dental care to their patients, many of our members are also trying to manage the marketing and websites of their practice.  Modern Dental Marketing has a 14 point Must Dos for SEO Success I encourage you to review.

Some of these are probably self explanatory and hard to argue aren’t good policy (check and return emails daily) but do you ask your patients to leave feedback on Yelp, Facebook or Google?  Or are you afraid that one negative review will ruin your online reputation?  (Here’s news for you.  Angry patients are going to leave feedback no matter what.  You may have to encourage patients to leave good reviews).

When was the last time you posted a blog on your website?  Several of our members do a great job of posting original content and I’d encourage you to do the same.  Even taking a story you’ve found online and adding your own context (curating) can be a great value to your patients.

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I “Like” several dental practices on Facebook mainly to follow what kind of content they are providing their patients.  Does your practice have a Facebook page?  The chances are likely far better that if you are reading this post, you are more socially engaged online and may have some online presence.

Read through this list and see how you can improve your social media for greater success in 2014.

Here’s to a successful 2014!

Greg Hill
Assistant Executive Director
Kansas Dental Association